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Topic Notes Author Date
Believing the Bible: Head Coverings
Do you believe the Bible? We say we do, but do we often dismiss things without giving them proper consideration? Angelo Babudro Jan. 2015
God on Both Sides
When we are in trials do we assume that something other than God is making our life harder than it needs to be? One of several insightful and helpful short Home Talks by JH Noyes. John Humphrey Noyes 1875
Marriage, Divorce, and Re-Marriage
I received a photocopy of a typewritten manuscript from a senior member of our assembly who highly regarded the author. I found references to this brother from Ireland on Precious Seed and saved.com. This is a well written article on a difficult topic that I felt could benefit others, but the brother is deceased and the topic controversial, so I cannot get his permission and, thus, cannot publish his name. (unattributed) Date unknown
No Fellowship
Are Christians supposed to separate themselves from others? Excerpt of talk given at Oak Bay Gospel Assembly, Victoria, BC J. Boyd Nicholson, Sr. Oct. 1995
Realism of Christianity
Did you ever think of Christ as promoting materialism? Or Paul? Here is another view on what 'materialism' means. John Humphrey Noyes 1875
The Bible: A Live Book
Is the Bible merely a historical text, a copy of what was written thousands of years ago, or a living document? John Humphrey Noyes 1875
The Love of God
Love is understood by newborn babies, yet none of us really understands it. A short study of God's love. Angelo Babudro Feb. 2016
The Supreme Lesson
Our relationship with God has a component of our doing, but are all our experiences tied to our how well we maintain that relationship? Were Job's experiences his own fault? John Humphrey Noyes 1875
Thy faith hath made thee whole.
How often Jesus accredited a person's healing with their faith. This is a study of those events. Angelo Babudro Jan. 2016
What's in a name?
A brief study of some names in the Bible Angelo Babudro Jun. 2017
Worship at the Lord's Table
What did Jesus teach about the supper that Christians share when remembering Him? Did they eat unleavened bread? What should we eat? Did they really drink wine? What should we drink and why? Angelo Babudro Mar. 2015