06:56pm 12-Nov-2018
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About me

When I visit a web site that is teaching about the Bible, I most often want to know who it is that is doing the teaching. I regret that for a long time I did not have this information on my own web site, and now offer some information about myself so you can judge for yourself if the information presented on this site is worthy of your consideration.

As a condensed statement of belief let me offer these simple truths:

  1. I believe the Bible—as originally delivered (i.e., in Hebrew and Greek)—to be the inspired, only infallible, authoritative Word of God. Since I believe the Bible is true, this then demands the following further beliefs:
  2. There is one God eternally existent in three forms: The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (or Spirit), just as human being were created with a triune nature of body, mind, and spirit. The Father and Son are named, while the Spirit is always portrayed as an unnamed servant taking no credit for His work on behalf of God and His people. When I read Ezekiel I see "the word of the LORD" represented as having form, thought, voice, and movement, so I suspect that God is even more complex than the triune nature most Christians acknowledge, although this does not negate or lessen my belief in the trinity as it is revealed and commonly held.
  3. I believe in the deity of Christ, in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, and in His personal return in power and glory. All of these things are clearly and amply explained in the Bible.

  4. I believe in the resurrection of the saved to eternal life, and the resurrection of those who reject God's forgiveness through His Son to eternal separation from him—which can be seen as suffering or punishment, since being separated from the source of light and love in the universe would be a misery beyond imagining, however, I would not go as far as to say God is doing the punishing. We are punishing ourselves by rejecting Him, as John 3:17-20 concisely explains. The eternal-future (but not eternal-past) nature of the human soul is repeatedly, thoroughly, and simply explained in the Bible.

If you care to know my testimony it is this: I grew up Roman-Catholic, but unfortunately that does not equate to "Christian." Everyone in my family and those I knew personally in my church demonstrated regularly that they did not actually believe it was a sin to lie, nor to take the Lord's name in vain, nor to treat the Sabbath day like any other. For many, even occasional theft was considered to be okay (like "borrowing" a pen from work, lying on an income tax return, or keeping the extra change a cashier accidentally gave).

My Roman-Catholic school taught Darwinian evolution, which flatly contradicts the Bible and leads children to believe either in pantheism or atheism. As a young man I did not see that Darwin had merely replaced God's Bible with his own version of how the world was made, putting himself in place of Moses, and changing the name of God from "I AM" to "Natural Selection." I took what my school taught as being true, and took Darwin as my god.

By the time I was in my twenties I was a very confused person: thinking myself to be a good person while breaking most of God's laws, holding to so-called new-age philosophies from Buddhism and Hinduism. I wanted to come up with my own religion and get rid of the idea of God altogether, but too many things in this world I could not explain except with God. So I believed there was a God (just as the demons believe and tremble in James 2:19), but I did not think He had any bearing nor influence on my life.

In 1997 my wife was saved by Christ and consequentially suffered great ridicule from me. She quietly stayed her course and brought our children to church to learn about God. Slowly I accepted that the change was not bad, even if I did not agree, and my five-year-old daughter's singing about Jesus warmed my heart.

In 2002 I was complaining about the lies of a business partner to my secretary, and she responded that I was just as big a liar as he was. I immediately knew she was right and felt crushed by the reality. How far from my goal of honour I had fallen again after so many attempts. I went home to my wife and she asked if I would like to talk to a local pastor who had once gently and kindly offered to share his testimony with me if ever I was interested. He read me Bible passages which were familiar from my youth, but now, like a light bulb turning on, the passages suddenly made perfect sense. I felt a relief and a hunger within me that I had not known before. This is what Jesus explained in John iii:3.

I hope that this web site might encourage others to remember or see the error in human pride and the eternal relief in trusting in someone so much better than we are and who loves us beyond imagining.

— Angelo Babudro